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When selling your home, you need a Toronto appraiser to determine your property’s current market value. An appraisal service is essentially an estimation of the value of your real estate based on various factors such as its size, condition, quality, location, interior and exterior features, and even the various updates or improvements that have been made on the property over the years. Just the same, defects, damages, and regular wear and tear may likewise impact the appraised value or estimate of your home.

Residential Appraisal in TorontoThere are ways to increase the appraisal value of your real property if you want to get the most out of your home sale. One of the easiest ways to enhance the perceived worth of your property is to improve its curbside appeal. Appraisers begin taking notes about your real estate before they even reach your door. This is why first impressions matter. Investing in good landscaping or at least good yard or lawn care is one way to increase your property’s desirability. Even making simple fixes and small repairs to your walkway, resealing your driveway or tearing down dead bushes or trees that may detract from the appearance of your home can help refresh its look and increase its curbside appeal.

Just as important as your home’s exterior is what goes on inside the walls of your real property. De-cluttering your interiors is another simple and cost effective way to increase your home’s value. Before showing your property to appraisers (and to buyers) consider de-cluttering and making small touch-ups on areas that are showing wear or are in need of a good upgrade.

Home improvements are also a huge deal during home appraisals. Don’t hesitate to point out major and even minor upgrades and improvements to your Toronto appraiser, whether it is a recent roof replacement, a new patio addition, or any other home improvement or makeover that can help increase the property’s resale value. Even low-cost improvement projects can be great value enhancers, if you know how to choose your updates well. This is why learning what buyers want is also important when deciding on home improvements, whether or not you are planning a future resale.

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Tim Ross has extensive experience and expertise in the complete appraisal of consultancy services. He is not only certified but also has a piece of in-depth knowledge about the industry. He loves to share his knowledge and insights on various social media channels. He currently resides in the Greater Toronto Area.

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